Screening for significant medium components for Pneumoncandin B0 production at shake flask level through factorial design

  • Umesh Luthra Ipca Laboratories Ltd., Biotech R&D, Kandivali (W), Mumbai- 400067, Maharashtra, India
  • Aditi Trivedi Ipca Laboratories Ltd., Biotech R&D, Kandivali (W), Mumbai- 400067, Maharashtra, India
  • Sneha Khadpekar Ipca Laboratories Ltd., Biotech R&D, Kandivali (W), Mumbai- 400067, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Analysis of variance, full factorial design, media optimization, pneumocandin B0


Pneumocandin B0 is an antifungal agent which has broad spectrum activity. It is produced as a result of secondary metabolite production by fungus Zalerion arboricola. Efforts have been taken to enhance the yield by improving the process conditions and media optimization. The study uses a statistical approach for designing the media and studying the impact of each component on the yield.


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