The Protective Effect Of Some Natural Antioxidants Against Azithromycin Induced Testicular Dysfunction In Rats

  • El-Dakak Special Food and Nutrition Dept., Food Technology Research Institute, Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt
  • Abeer M. N. H. Special Food and Nutrition Dept., Food Technology Research Institute, Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt
Keywords: Azithromycin, Antioxidants, Oxidative stress, spermatozoal activity, Testes


Objective: To investigate whethervitamin E, selenium, β-carotene, anthocyanin and green tea extract have a possible protective effect against azithromycin (AZ)-induced testicular dysfunction.

Design: Experimental study.

Setting:Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Giza, Egypt.

Patient(s):3 -week-old weanling male albino rats (n = 54). Intervention(s):AZ was administered to rats at dose of 20mg/kgbw orally for 3 days every two weeks.


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