Determination Of Lead In Gasoline By Extraction And Titration At Kurdistan Region – Iraq

  • Qasim Y. Mohammed MSc. Oil Technology Department, Koya Technical insitiute – Oil technology department – Kurdistan region- Iraq, Babylon university – Babylon - Iraq
  • Sardasht R. Taher MSc. Oil Technology Department, Koya Technical insitiute – Oil technology department – Kurdistan region- Iraq, Babylon university – Babylon - Iraq
  • Hazim Al-Jubury Dr. College of science of women, Koya Technical insitiute – Oil technology department – Kurdistan region- Iraq, Babylon university – Babylon - Iraq
Keywords: Gasoline, Lead, Dual extraction apparatus, TEL, TML


A method relates to the determination of lead, tetraethyl lead (TEL) and tetramethyl lead (TML) in commercial gasoline in different places in Kurdistan region – Iraq by dual extraction apparatus and titration was proposed.


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