Power Line Interference Removal from ECG Signal Using Notch Filter, Adaptive Filter and Wavelet Packet Transform

  • Uzzal Biswas Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna – 9208, Bangladesh
  • Md. Maniruzzaman Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna – 9208, Bangladesh
Keywords: ECG signal, power line interferrence, wavelet packet transform, SNR, %PRD, MSC


ECG signal is a biological non-stationary signal which contains valuable information about rhythms of heart. Amplitude and duration of ECG signal can be buried by various types of noise, especially, power line interference, which sometimes leads to misdiagnosis. This paper presents a ECG signal denoising based on the wavelet packet transform and two adaptive filters, such as, normalized least-mean-square (NLMS) and recursive-least-square (RLS), and the results are compared with a conventional notch filter both in time and frequency domain.


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