• Zainab Fatehi Albikawi The University of Jordan,Nursing Faculty.Amman-Jordan
  • Wasileh Petro-Nustas Professor of Nursing, The University of Jordan,Nursing Faculty.Amman-Jordan
  • Mohammad Abuadas RN,MSN, PhD, Al-Zarqa University, Nursing College. Amman - Jordan
Keywords: Self Care Management Behaviors, Self Efficacy


Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of diabetes self efficacy enhancing intervention among Jordanian patients with type two diabetes on diabetes self care management behaviors. Methods: Randomized clinical trial design using a structured interview technique was used to collect the data three times; pre-intervention (baseline), 2weeks and 3month follow up. Multistage random sample of 149 patients with DM2 who were seeking care in the Specialized Diabetes Center, were assigned to the intervention group (n=76) and the control group (n=73).


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